An area just waiting to be discovered

Legendary castles, enchanted villages, stories, and adventures

On one side, the sea, with its many shades of blue, under a clear blue sky that it meets on the horizon; on the other, the rolling hills with their many hidden beauties.

If you want to experience Romagna like a local, then we can recommend three unusual and charming destinations

The source of the River Uso in Perticara, on the old sulphur routes that go down through to the Via Emilia and the Adriatic Sea, where the river has its mouth. Santarcangelo, an old mediaeval village, just 13 km from Bellaria, and now known as an Art Town, thanks to the architectural beauty of its palazzos, streets and little squares. There’s plenty of good food to be had in Santarcangelo, where you can try he best passatelli pasta at the restaurant/bistro, “Il Lavatoio”.
Do you have a sense of adventure? Take the family to San Marino Adventure Park, a theme park with over 30 routes suspended from green trees, across Tibetan bridges, through mystery tunnels, and lots of other surprises.

Other places to visit include:

  • Marecchia park, where you can take the whole family. We recommend taking a nice picnic to enjoy together;
  • Gradara, the scene of the tragic love story between Paolo and Francesca, as described in Dante’s “Divine Comedy”;
  • Urbino, cradle of the Renaissance;
  • San Leo with its fortress and well known for its military history, for the religious settlements in the area and for the passage of illustrious figures, such as St Francis and also Dante Alighieri.


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