The kitchen: one of our “forward”

Good and genuine: this is the kitchen of the Rio

The kitchen of the Hotel Rio is a mix of cure, taste, tradition and avant-garde, to transform simple dishes in something exquisite and delicious.
Every course is prepared using only top quality ingredients, pasta, as well as bread, is hand made, according to the most ancient tradition of Romagna.

Every day, for lunch and dinner, the menu includes tasty meat and fish dishes accompanied by a rich buffet of appetizers and vegetables, which enriches meals and tempt the appetite, feeding the good mood.

The genuineness of ingredients is guaranteed by family Lazzarini, who uses only healthy foods and homegrown vegetables, grown with love in the garden of the property.

The kitchen of the Hotel Rio in Bellaria is equipped also for preparing baby food and delicious baby menus: just talk to the staff of the hotel, that will satisfy with courtesy and competence needs of families and children.

Here at the Hotel Rio Bellaria we are attentive to your needs: for this, we are equipped with a gluten-free cooking and are organized in caring for people with food intolerances.


A gift for our guests…

A series of tasty recipes of the ancient local tradition which you can enjoy in the hotel first, then prepare at home, remembering so the flavors of your vacation.